What Would You do with Unlimited Funds?

Often, as a test to check the preparedness of a business owner, an investor asks, “What would you do if I gave you unlimited funds to start your business?” A very complex question to say the least.

How to Prepare for Such a Question

If an investor asks you this, he/she is wondering how close you are to bringing your product or service to market. That is, have you written a business plan yet and if so, how well is it written. Part of a great business plan is the explaination of how you plan to specifically allocate assets. An investor wants to know exactly how his money would be spent.

Therefore you must have a plan. What would yours be? If you don’t know how you would spend your investor’s funds, I suggest start developing your plan today. Be as specific as possible. This correlates to the recommendation of creating a business plan BEFORE you start operating your business, and continue to modify it as time progresses.

Also, you should consider the wants, needs, and risk tolerance of your potential investor when making a presentation. Part of that is asking your investor drect questions about his needs and wants. With that being said, it may be smart to have several different options for different investment amounts and different risk tolerances.

My businesses are moving forward at a rapid rate right now and I feel the need to explain to you, my readers, my experiences so that you can learn from them. We are in the process of speaking to an investor that has approached us and we are thankful that we have a plan in place. I will keep you updated in the future.

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  1. I can tell you what I would not do – hire expensive employees. Since there is no such thing as unlimited funds, what you mean is more than you think you will ever need before you are profitable. I would take it, if it does not mean giving up unlimited equity. You can always use more money than you think you are going to need. Frugality is a key indicator of your self-control. “Don’t eat the steak until you can buy it for yourself.” Once you understand what that means you are ready to start a business.

    BTW – If your investor does not already know their risk tolerance you are in trouble. Start-ups and early stage companies are not the table to be betting money that cannot be lost.

  2. If I’m putting money into something, I want to know what it’s being spent on, I want to know the plan … and most important I want to know the ROI … how much and when. Then the trick is to figure out whether the plan can deliver what it’s promising.

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  4. I am totaly paraliged in my business and I am strugled for money and want to clear my all dues to bankers and private financer , Now I am facing a painful life that I am going to direct a path of GOD. I am surrenderd myself to MY GOD.
    I am awaiting for Money.

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